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DMR Firmware release R2.4.20

Une mise à jour du firmware Motorola DMR R2.4.20 est disponible depuis le 26 juillet. Ce firmware doit être utilisé avec le CPS11.5 qui est livré avec. Il concerne les répéteur, les mobiles et les portatifs.

Voici les changements :

1) Home Channel Reminder: Radio alerts user when they have left their primary home channel for a predetermined period of time.
2) Emergency Search Tone: Radio sounds a loud tone through the speaker while in Emergency mode.
3) Emergency Enhancements:

  • Emergency alert LED continues to flash in the idle state while the radio remains in emergency mode.
  • Addition of a Contact field in the Digital Emergency System to enable the Revert Channel and Contact to be independently configured by the CPS.
  • Ability for user to configure duration of Emergency alert tone.
  • Addition of Emergency “Vibrate” option for SL4000 series portables.
  • Ability for emergency initiator to manually transmit during Emergency hot-mic session.
  • LED flashes red and radio optionally sounds a periodic tone while receiving emergency voice.

4) Roaming RSSI per site in IPSC and LCP: Ability to configure the roaming threshold to be on a per site basis.
5) Hebrew Language Support: Addition of Hebrew language capability and a number of Hebrew language keypad (DP4800/SL4000 Series) portables.
6) Adaptive Rest Channel RDAC Alarm: Repeater generates an RDAC alarm when the “Adaptive Forced Rest Channel Rotation” feature rotates the Rest channel.
7) SL1600 Power Setting: Enables the maximum “Digital TX High Power” setting to be tuned for 2.5W or 3W without impacting the other “Digital TX High Power” settings (i.e. 2W and 1W).
8) Improved RSSI Indication: Radios provide a more precise signal strength indication for the user.
9) Switches and Routers Support:

  • HP A-MSR20-20 Router (JF283A) has been cancelled (orderable through 31/12/2015); recommended replacing with HP MSR2003 AC Router (JG411A).
  • Cisco Catalyst 3560 Switch has been cancelled (orderable through 14/11/2015); recommended replacing with Cisco Catalyst 3650.

10) SLR 5500 Repeater: Introduction of a new MOTOTRBO mid-tier repeater.
11) SL1600 Radio Contact Alias: Ability for the SL1600 portable to support radio names up to 12 characters in length.
12) SL1600 Trill Enhancement: Ability for the SL1000 portable to support the Alveolar Trill (i.e. rolling “r”) enhancement option.
13) SL1600 OTA Battery Management: Ability for the SL16000 portable to support the OTA Battery Management registration feature.
14) Closed (Resolved) Issues: See Resolved Issues in Product Release section.


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