DG1HT Torsten nous alerte à propos d’un incident sur la base de données DMRPlus. Elle aurait été hackée par l’équipe BrandMeister.

Cet incident a été communiqué par DG1HT Torsten sur le groupe Yahoo DMRPLUS le 24/11/15. Il s’agit d’un incident de sécurité grave pour le réseau DMRPlus.

D’après Torsten, il semble qu’un des administrateurs de BrandMeister ait tenté de hacker la base de données générale bMaster de DMRPlus. L’impact est important, puisque les communications entre le bMaster et les sMaster ne sont plus possibles. Il en résulte que les communications sont partiellement ou totalement interrompues sur l’ensemble du réseau DMRPlus.

Il semble en outre, que le code de l’interface DV4Mini ait été volée et que BrandMeister parle au nom de DG1HT alors qu’il n’existe aucun accord.

Il semble enfin, que les règles de contrôle des indicatifs soient totalement inexistantes sur le réseau BrandMeister, ouvrant gravement un problème de sécurité et de légalité par rapport à certains pays en Europe.

Le Dr@F travaille avec l’équipe DMRPlus et DMR-MARC pour trouver une solution.


Communiqué de DG1HT & DL1BH le 24/11/15 :

Digital radio Germany

DMR <> D-Star


Digital Newsletter, Express Edition from 11.24.2015; without serial number

Hello dear readers,

from a given initiative today only an urgent message,

but is of great importance:

Disturbances in DMRplus network; continue to be affected DCS and CCS server

Torsten, DG 1 HT, the network operator of the entire DCS CCS DMRplus network asked me for publication the following text, since many users currently can not be aware of,
why our network in part or works poorly.

It must be said here clearly that the signer is absolutely as a member of the development group DMRplus factually behind the opinion of Torsten; the states are becoming unbearable, everyone who knows us and our work is, can follow it logically, slowly “the neck is not only thicker, but soon bursting” !!!

Now the text of Torsten:

“Operators from Brandmeister try our DMRplus- and DCS database hedges.

Unfortunately, by the antisocial behavior of the fire chief idiot now the database is not online.

So the sMaster is possible at present there is no communication.

As I said in one of my last run, a collaboration with these people is not possible.

I feel compelled, due to the recent machinations of the corner of the fire chief to set up on the servers access control.

This applies to software and hardware.

It has now also the interface from DV4mini copied (stolen) and incorporated into the Fire Chief.

What me since most goes to the bag, is that is worked there with the label “DG1HT DV4mini”.

I came not authorized. But the Russians is just everything a shit.

If your network disturbance noticed an email to Denis; who is responsible for this shit.

Concerns DMRplus and DCS, as the CCS network. “

Torsten, DG 1 HT

I will now comment briefly on the reasons, without being too technical;
currently the B-Master is not in operation; this is the highest authority in DMRplus network, thus there is no communication between the Smastern is no longer possible,
so that the cross-regional radio traffic is no longer possible.

We are piling up in the last few hours the mail, why does nothing; this is the answer for it,

we sacrifice our daily free time to further expand our networks; We are fast and always available; We do this for fun and happy; Our daily work is inspired by these actions, however, torpedoed and for a reason that no one of these gentlemen could still bergründen us.

Above all is the question (and the tech-savvy readers will understand that too):

what does the fire chief> Our servers do all what is necessary for the network, no more and no less.

If things are required, which are technically possible, but not advisable, because the associated problems “inevitable”, we do not meet these abstruse wishes.

We do not deny that from harassment, but because it’s moronic.

Again very clear message here:

who in the “other network” want (Fire Chief), which is to love to do, then we are not angry or disappointed, but we are so (ie compliant with all international agreements) and not continue to operate our networks differently.

We do not want Bridges, nobody needs, the existing number is sufficient and fulfills everything that is technically feasible.

Please have also understand that under the circumstances I personally can not guarantee to continue to be active for the power in this mass, I have “had enough”; you build things up in laborious work to make it other then destroy in a few seconds, it is similar to the behavior on a children’s playground.

I’m sorry that the sound will slowly rough, but I ask for your understanding, imagine, you sit in the evening in your living room watching TV, suddenly breaks a through window, imagines the television and “messing” ; would you then say: nice that you’re here?

Stef., DL 1 BH

This was a message to the developer group DMRplus

sgd. Torsten, DG 1 HT, Stefan, DL 1 BH

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