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Rumeurs autour de DMRPlus

Depuis plusieurs semaines, des rumeurs circulent autour de DMRPlus. DL5DI Hans nous explique ce qu’il en est et les prochains développements.

Cet article reprend un message de DL5DI sur le groupe Yahoo « DMRPlus Sysop », après les rumeurs que le développement du réseau DMRPlus serait bientôt arrêté et que le réseau serait abandonné. En fait, il n’en est rien. Hans nous explique que cela n’a aucun sens et que les développement continuent avec une nouvelle version de DMR Master :

  1. Une nouvelle version de DMR Master qui permet de connecter les dongles comme DV4Mini.
  2. Une nouvelle version de IPSC-Server avec des bugs corrigés, la connexion de DV4Mini et pouvoir être autonome par rapport à DMR Master. La configuration des TG routing pour chaque répéteurs.
  3. Passerelle DSTar-DMR amméliorée sans avoir besoin de l’API Hytera. Un fonctionnement autonome pour être connecté directement au réseau DMRPlus. Une qualité audio améliorée grâce à l’abandon de l’API Hytera et la double conversion.

Comme vous le voyez, ces rumeurs sont infondées et ne servent pas la communauté.

Extrait du message de Hans DL5DI du groupe Yahoo DMRPlus Sysop du 19/02/16 :

Hi friends of DMR+!
Some of you may have read about the rumours which are currently spread by another developer group which say, that the development around DMR+ has been discontinued.

This is completely nonsense.

Sorry for the confusion, we could not earlier comment it here in our Yahoo group. Torsten was in US last weeks, I was on a business trip in UK, we had both limited access to the internet and it was really a surprise to find all the emails in the inbox now which talk about this stupid rumours.

This may again show clearly why it is not possible to cooperate with this group. This kind of competition and fighting each other has nothing to do any more with my understanding of Amateur Radio and Hamspirit.

It is not worth to lose more words on such stupid behaviour.

The developer team and all supporters are fully committed to DMR+. For us Amateur Radio is no competition, we like the development of this system based on our own knowledge, own ideas, own code, legal code and tools, no matter if for 1000 repeaters, or for 100 or for 10.

To give you a brief overview on our next steps:

1) A new DMR+Master 9.2x is in test since a few weeks.

This will provide a few new exciting features for dongle users. We have a few of that new masters in test : (for example http://dmr.ham-digital.org/dmr/index.html). We did not roll out more yet because we werte busy with travelling and it makes no sense to spread a new release shortly before.

2) A new IPSC-server is also in test.

The next version will fix a few bugs in the connection to the c-Bridge. We brought up several connections from IPSC-servers to c-Bridges during the last 2 weeks and a few more are in progress. We also plan to integrate a dongle port to the IPSC-server and make it work independent from a DMR+Master. There is also a nice feature under development which makes the configuration of the TG routing of individual repeaters much easier and more flexible.

3) The DSTAR-DMR-gateway has been improved.

We have a new version in test since about 2 weeks which no longer needs the API of a Hytera repeater. It works standalone at the DMR+ network, onkly needs an internet connection. With this version we were also able to improve the audio quality. We no longer use an intermediate step with compressed audio like required by the API solution. The new gateway now works from the test reflector DCS001_V to DMR+ test reflector 4012.

4) We hope to probably also be able to improve the current API-based gateway with a new firmware for those who have it in use. But this information is brand new, we need to verify it during the next days.

Believe us, there will be more new developments during next weeks and months.

 73 de Hans DL5DI



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